Wordcamp Panel: Why Blog? with Sid, Lindsea, Aaron, Christa, and Joe

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Why Blog?

A panel discussion about why individuals as well as businesses should blog. Topics will include networking for individuals, branding, and customer relations for business. We'll also discuss blogging versus traditional media as a platform for reaching customers. We will also offer case studies, which will include personal examples, Google, Adobe, Twitter and more.

About Sid Savara, Panel Moderator

Sid Savara

Sid Savara has been online and blogging since 1994. He currently writes for SidSavara.com on topics such as time management, personal development and life hacking. Sid is a software engineer residing in Honolulu.

About Lindsea Kemp-Wilbur

Lindsea Kemp-Wilbur

Lindsea Kemp-Wilbur, a senior at Punahou School, is the creator of Love and Logic, and one of the founders and writers of Students 2.0, an award winning educational blog. She loves web 2.0 tools, and her articles on the subject have been published in OnCue Journal. Collaborating with students and teachers all over the world, she works on projects involving sustainability and education. She's also an editor of Punahou School's newspaper, Ka Punahou, and a co-editor-in-chief of Ka Wai Ola, the school literary magazine. Her art, writing and photography have been featured in both publications. Lindsea also has a passion for film production, and has worked on several film projects both in Hawaii and in San Francisco.

About Aaron Yoshino

Aaron Yoshino

Aaron Yoshino is the owner of honozooloo media LLC, a.k.a. honozooloo.com. He is a freelance photographer with over 12 years of experience in the field, and a freelance graphic designer and web geek. His primary areas of focus are in the streetwear, fashion, urban markets, and in the areas of live performance and art and cultural events. He uses WordPress as a method to maintain a working portfolio in progress and advertising vehicle to showcase honozooloo's many services.

About Christa Wittmier

Christa Wittmier

Christa Wittmier is author and publisher of Honolulu's Nightlife Diaries. Her content has been featured in the Honolulu Advertiser, Metromix, MyOpenBar, Hawaiirama, Hawaii In Style TV, and on 93.1 The Zone. She also has a regular column published in Pacific Edge Magazine. Her photos and stories capture the rich diversity of Honolulu's nightlife, food, music and arts scene.

About Joe Philipson

Joe Philipson

Joe Philipson is a geek originally from California who moved to the island 3 years ago. He works as a freelance photographer and web strategist. He has blogged for himself personally at insidejoeshead.com and professionally on wordpress at philipsonphotography.com. He has also worked with Congressman Neil Abercrombie as a web strategist and branding consultant. He enjoys art, socializing, and rocking the house.

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