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Oct 21, 2008

Wordcamp Speaker: Mitchell Dwyer

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Blogging in Education Because a teacher is often a single source of communication for a large number of recipients, education and blogging are an easy fit. Though there are a few landmines to consider, free or low-cost options for teachers interested in blogging abound. With careful attention to possible pitfalls, however, many educators discover that […]

Oct 14, 2008

Wordcamp Panel: Why Blog? with Sid, Lindsea, Aaron, Christa, and Joe

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Why Blog? A panel discussion about why individuals as well as businesses should blog. Topics will include networking for individuals, branding, and customer relations for business. We'll also discuss blogging versus traditional media as a platform for reaching customers. We will also offer case studies, which will include personal examples, Google, Adobe, Twitter and more. […]

Oct 13, 2008

WordCamp Schedule is Out(standing!)

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Here's the working WordCamp schedule. Note that this track of PodcampHawaii is pre-arranged. We wanted to make sure some specific topics were covered, and we did! w00t! Friday, Oct. 24 TimeTopicSpeaker(s) 8:00 - 9:15amRegistration & Networking 9:15 - 9:35amWelcome to PodCamp and WordCamp Hawai'i 9:45 - 10:45amWhy Blog?Sid, Lindsea, Aaron, Christie 11:00am - NoonEasily Create […]

Oct 13, 2008

Wordcamp Speaker: Ryan Ozawa

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Making Personal Connections Before the Internet was a platform for big business, it was a platform for personal expression and exploration. Personal web pages and online journals sprouted up amongst the university course plans and technical manuals. The rest is history. Yet for all the focus on the online, it's when connections reach offline than […]