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What is PodCamp Hawaii?

A Honolulu unconference for Hawaii, U.S., and Pacific Rim organizations and individuals interested in podcasting, blogging, and creating new media for the Internet. The focus is on learning and networking, with experts from around the world speaking side-by-side with local bloggers and podcasters, together making Hawaii a center for tourism, and technology. The very first PodCamps and WordCamps were held in 2006. Dozens of successful events have been held around the world since. It's now time for Hawaii to go to camp!

We are different. We are an UnConference Event.

Most conferences have a hierarchy separating paid speakers and paying attendees.

Ours is peer-to-peer: anyone can speak. Experts want to speak because they understand the importance of these events, and people who have something to share want to speak, because they can. Plus there's a WordCamp track for WordPress software users. (See below.)

Most conferences are insular start to finish.

Ours is all about outreach:to each other in the Hawaiian Islands, to people on the mainland, Europe and Asia, to the local tourism community, and to local businesses, musicians, artists, educators, and government agencies.

Most conferences are targeted at a single vertical industry.

Ours is relevant to all industries as well as individuals, families, educators, and government agencies. Podcasting is a communication tool and has devotees across across many topic areas.

Most conferences do not know how to tap into Web 2.0 marketing tools.

We are the experts. It's part of what we will be teaching, and we will be using these tools to market this event.

Most conference attendees are passive participants.

Ours will be producing internet tv and radio programs, taking pictures, telling stories, and showcasing your brand for potentially years to come on their own blogs and web sites, as well as our host site.

Most conferences only connect with Hawaii via pre-packaged tours.

Ours will have Hawaii's visitors and residents learning and playing and being entertained together side-by-side. We want to match attendees with members of the HVCB to help our guests learn first-hand about Hawaii, and to help the businesses learn about podcasting, right as it affects their very own businesses.

Most conferences give token exposure to Hawaii culture.

We will have local musicians, hula halau's, etc as integral sessions, and as attendees so they can learn to promote themselves online through podcasting, and so others around the world can learn about their unique gifts.


We are also featuring a "WordCamp" track covering the WordPress software, which is free, open source, and is one of the most widely used blogging platforms. The founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, will be one of our speakers.

Do you want to join us?

If you would like to be a sponsor and connect your company with this ground-breaking event in Hawaii, please visit our Sponsor page and then contact Roxanne Darling directly. ([email protected] or 808-384-5554)