Podcamp Speaker: Dina Kaplan

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Video options & opportunities for independent media creators

Unlike never before, independent film and video is accessible to just about anyone with a camera and a story to tell. Dina will tell us about how this works, including how to host your videos for free, how to let others find sponsors for you, and how to create serialized content that supports your mission - whether you are a sports mom, a personal videoblogger, a business, an independent film-maker, a politician, etc.

About Dina Kaplan

Dina Kaplan

Dina Kaplan is a co-founder of blip.tv and serves as the company's COO. Dina oversees business operations for the company with a particular focus on advertising and sponsorships, PR and marketing.

Before blip.tv, Dina was a news reporter with WNBC in New York, Wave3 News (NBC) in Louisville Kentucky and News12 Long Island and New Jersey.

Dina won an Emmy for Spot News last summer and in prior years has won Society of Professional Journalists Awards for Deadline Reporting, Service Reporting and Feature Reporting and Associated Press Awards for Best Feature and for Breaking Spot News.

Before reporting, Dina produced stories for MTV News about politics, technology and a range of musical acts from Ozzy Osbourne to The Wu-Tang Clan to Jewel. She also helped coordinate MTV's Choose or Lose coverage of the 1996 Presidential Election.

After graduating from college, Dina worked at the White House as Director of Research for the White House Counsel's Office and then as Special Assistant to the Director of Presidential Personnel. During college, Dina worked at Rock The Vote, setting up a volunteer network of representatives that registered college students to vote around the country.

Dina graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Economics, Government, Philosophy and History. She sits on the National Board of Wesleyan University and is a Founding Board Member of the Women's Media Center. She is a judge for the Interactive Media Awards and for the Webbies. She is also on the board of the Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Bears for Kids Annual Benefit.

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