Wordcamp Speaker: Charlene Amsden

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Making Things Personal

I will talk about several points in making blogs personal, and encouraging visitor interaction with my site.

  1. A comment is not a bunch of words in a little box. It is a direct connection to another person. Treat it as such. (Respect.)
  2. Expose yourself! Share your hopes dreams, wishes, values, etc. Be genuine.
  3. Reciprocate -- different types of responses and choosing what works best for you.
  4. Mascot Blogging -- creating an icon that personifies your business and/or your values.

About Charlene Amsden

Charlene Amsden

Charlene Amsden is a 49 year-old school teacher temporarily working in a finance office as a data processor and file clerk. She began blogging in 2005 when a knee injury grounded her for 6 weeks. She was looking for a way to preserve her sanity and save her soul from the dark abyss of daytime TV. What she found was a community that spans oceans, continents and ages. She forged real and lasting friendships and met the man of her dreams while sitting behind her desk with her foot on a bookshelf and a bag of frozen peas on her knee.

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