Oct 29, 2008

Podsafe Music Available to You!

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Jenn Wright (of Simple Souls, Mighty J, Kanalo, and MySpace) reached out all over and collected several songs for us to be able to use for making media. Please remember: You must mention the artist and their website when you use this music - in the audio or video itself as well as adding a […]

Oct 17, 2008

The Event Schedule!

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Thank you to everyone for all of your patience. I know this has been a long time coming. Normal conferences do the schedule and book the speakers very early on; we do the infrastructure building and relationship-building first, and spread the word to anyone who wants to speak. You can view the spreadsheet online here. […]

Oct 9, 2008

Check out the Wiki!

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Our PodCamp site has a wiki, which is a set of helpful pages that you can edit! Yes, that's right, you. A Wiki is a public area where anyone can edit a page or add a new page. It is an example of "crowd-sourcing" where members of the community add their own tips and information. […]

Oct 9, 2008

We’re accessible!

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Working with the Hawaii Convention Center (HCC) and the Center for Disabilities Studies has been a joy! The HCC is an accessible facility for all people. Here's a brochure from the Convention Center with more specific info. (Mahalo Traci!) Come one, come all! Don't forget to check out our Wordcamp speaker Nathan Say, who will […]

Oct 3, 2008

Speaker and Session Information

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At an UnConference, anyone can sign up to speak. We will be putting the agenda together over the next few weeks and will post it as soon as we have enough in place to show you. If you want to speak, please add your name and info to the Speaker's Page on the wiki: https://2008.podcamphawaii.com/wiki/doku.php/people-speaking […]

Aug 20, 2008

Get Your Podcamp Hawaii T-Shirt!

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T-shirts are one of the challenges of an unconference. They cost a lot. You have to order well in advance. People end up with the wrong size. People don't show even tho you bought them a t-shirt. And it goes on and on. "But people love their t-shirts!" you say. And we agree. So we've […]

Aug 13, 2008

Registration is Now Open!

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Register Here Now! You Can Attend For Free In keeping with the original podcamp tradition, this year's first event is FREE to attend! We want to make sure that price is not a barrier, and to be in sync with so much of what the internet has taught us: free encourages collaboration and networking at […]

Jul 14, 2008

E komo mai! Welcome and Watch!

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Welcome to PodCamp Hawaii. We are planning this amazing event in a very short amount of time! We have several ways to connect with us so you can be sure not miss any of the details! Whether you can come in person to beautiful Hawaii (and we sincerely hope you can) or whether you join […]