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Woopra: It Just Takes One

Lots of us blog, or would like to write a blog. Most of us readily admit that we want people (friends, colleagues, business partners, strangers) to read our blogs. But how do we know if anyone is reading our posts, and what they like?

Lorelle blogged about Woopra recently. In her post, she said:

Woopra is a live statistics program. It tells you what is happening on your blog right now, this very second. When he showed it the crowd at WordCamp Dallas, I logged onto his blog, and there on the screen, the audience saw my name pop up in Woopra. The cookie created when I commented on his blog passed on my site information, information I had already provided freely when I left a comment. Those who have not commented or registered are just shown as anonymous visitors.

Lorelle points out that "Woopra is the main competitor against Google Analytics and wins because it offers live real-time stats (as they are happening) and turns numbers into people, along with a lot of eye-candy analytics." She encourages all number junkies to check this blog post out right away. (Psst, Lorelle is bringing something for a few lucky attendees! Check our news channel during the event.)

Join Lorelle in Wordcamp for a demonstration and perhaps some excited hand waiving about how you can learn about your audience.

No wait, here's her presentation!

About Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle VanFossen, of Lorelle on WordPress, is known as a "blog evangelist" and number one fan of WordPress. A public speaker, instructor, writer, and consultant on web strategies, content generation, community building, web design, and blogging, she's known for her dynamic presentations that deliver the facts in a "kick-ass" fashion.

Blogging and web publishing since 1994, Lorelle shows businesses and educational institutions how they can tweak and focus their technology to make their business more efficient, more profitable, and more user-friendly.

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