Podcamp Panel: Dr. Trey, Mailanai, Vernon, and Jenn

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Podcasting tips for Musicians & Bands

The state of the music industry is all over the map right now, and it is even harder for local Hawaii musicians to get heard and make a living. All of the members of this panel have had success with podcasting (both audio and video) and will discuss with you lessons learned and why they think more of Hawaii's musicians would do well to learn about new media.

About Dr. Trey

Dr. Trey

Dr. Trey (Tracey Terada) first started playing the ʻukulele at the young age of 5. As a teenager and young man he has won numerous talent shows, arranged music for choir (which always took first place in song competitions,) and arranged music for Brass Quintet. Later upon attending Arizona State University he studied the art of music theory, performed at the Hawaiʻi Guitar Festival, won The Album Of The Year award from the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards for his work with Pure Heart, and has won the Producer Of The Year Award from the Hawaiʻi Music Awards.

Trey has a list of celebrity and award winning musicians (including Jake Shimabukuro) he has worked with and taught ʻukulele to. He himself was taught by the great Peter Moon who is known for his skill with not only the ʻukulele but also slack guitar and composition.

About Mailanai Makainai

Mailanai Makainai

Mailani is best known as half of Hawaiiʻs hot twosome, Keahiwai. Last year she write and recorded with Mighty J, and has recently been signed by Mountain Apple Company to develop her solo career. She will be playing at Podcamp on Saturday during lunch.

About Jenn Wright

Jenn Wright

Jenn or JRoQ as she is known, is a versatile musician and composer. She was part of the hit trio Mighty J and her band Simple Souls will be playing at Podcamp on Friday morning.

Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown

VBrown is the host and founder of 808talk.com, one of Hawaii's original podcasts. "808Talk is NOW more than just a podcast, it's a complete insiders guide to Hawaii. We feature and discuss events, culture, travel destinations, reviews, local news and serve up pretty much anything and everything that goes on in Hawaii or as we like to call it, "The 808 State." We also introduce and feature music from independent artist from all genre's in Hawaii or with ties to Hawaii to help perpetuate the growing talent throughout the islands.

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