Wordcamp Speaker: Holly Hagen

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Standing out from the crowd: You, Your Brand, and Your WordPress Theme

This session will teach you how you can strengthen your brand or identity by making some simple changes to your WordPress theme. Holly will touch on design theory, inspiration, theme implementation, and how she has used WP as a (lite)CMS.

Holly's slides are available as a PDF file.

About Holly Hagen

Holly Hagen

Born and raised in Hawaii, Holly began her love affair with design doing print and brand strategy. However, recently it's been all about the web and now refers to herself as a desveloper (designer + developer). She first became obsessed with WordPress while contracting at NASA Ames Research Center, where she designed and implemented various open source solutions and web applications, including NASA Ames' first official public blog. Some of her other sites include Once Upon a School and WP Screencasts.

She currently lives in San Francisco and works as a visual designer for Hot Studio. You can find more about Holly at hollyhagen.com.

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