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Oct 29, 2008

Podsafe Music Available to You!

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Jenn Wright (of Simple Souls, Mighty J, Kanalo, and MySpace) reached out all over and collected several songs for us to be able to use for making media. Please remember: You must mention the artist and their website when you use this music - in the audio or video itself as well as adding a […]

Oct 29, 2008

Message #3 to Addendees (Oct 22, 2008)

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If you missed the first two messages, we recommend you read them on our web site: Message #1 Message #2 It's Almost Here! We've got a few more reminders for you and I am personally looking forward to seeing you in person. We have 500 people registered; if you need to cancel please reply to […]

Oct 29, 2008

ʻOhana Sponsor – LBJ Catering

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LBJ Catering was a full-service, last-minute sponsor, brought to us by the BBQ Wrangler, Ed Morita. It was looking like the BBQ would be cancelled due to lack of volunteers, then Ed showed up, and brought along his friend Leon! Ed planned the menu and got the food and supplies while Leon brought his professional […]

Oct 29, 2008

ʻOhana Sponsor: Vantage Counsel

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Greg is a founder of Vantage Counsel, and helped us set up the legal requirements for Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawaii. In true aloha spirit, he didn't hesitate when asked and offered his services pro bono to set up the official LLC that is responsible for this event. Greg is an active participant in various tech […]

Oct 25, 2008

The opening ceremonies at Podcamp and Wordcamp Hawaii

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Photos credit: Chris Heuer. The opening ceremonies to Podcamp and Workcamp Hawaii were, put simply, the very best opening to any *camp style unconference to date. The morning started out with two traditional Hawaiian chants (called ʻoli) done by two local sisters, Haunani and ʻIlima Kauka, of Aloha Blessings. The first chant was asking for […]

Oct 24, 2008

Session: Using Video to Build Community

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Flying all the way from Pennsylvania for the Social Media Club Workshop, Podcamp and Wordcamp Hawaii, I had no way to know whether or not my session would resonate with the attendees. I was incredibly happy when room 304B was standing room only, and didn't empty once I began my session. I thought, beyond just […]

Oct 23, 2008

Podcamp Speaker: Arleen Anderson

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Who Else Wants a Rush of Traffic to Their Blog/Pod Site For Free? Arleen Anderson will share specific proven methods and techniques that drive traffic to your blog and/or podcast pages which do not require spending money. You have or wish to create a public presence on the web for the purpose of being seen. […]

Oct 22, 2008

Podcamp Speaker: Rob Farrow

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Managing your Identity Rob will give a brief overview of identity, building your personal brand and ways to build relevance in social media. About Rob Farrow Rob Farrow is brand czar (Co-Founder and VP of Marketing) of chi.mp, and is responsible for the creation and messaging of the brand and the implementation of all consumer […]

Oct 21, 2008

Podcamp Speaker: Roxanne Darling

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Video Podcasting 101 Roxanne will be joined by partner Shane Robinson to talk about getting started: Video Podcasting 101. Here's the slides from their presentation. Using Twitter Kids use it, celebrities use it, brands use it, new and old media use it, even regular people use it. In this session you will: see Twitter in […]

Oct 21, 2008

Podcamp Panel: Dr. Trey, Mailanai, Vernon, and Jenn

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Podcasting tips for Musicians & Bands The state of the music industry is all over the map right now, and it is even harder for local Hawaii musicians to get heard and make a living. All of the members of this panel have had success with podcasting (both audio and video) and will discuss with […]