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How to setup a WordPress blog

UPDATE: After going over the schedule we realized we didn't really have a basic WordPress Howto session. And because the original session I proposed, EASILY CREATE AND MANAGE UNLIMITED WEBSITES WITH WORDPRESS MU (MULTI-USER) is a bit more advanced, I decided to drop back to a more basic session topic and introduce attendees to the wonderful world of WordPress. If we have time or requests we can go into more advanced features of WordPress or even WordPress MU (multi-user).

So here's what we're going to do. It looks like a lot but it's so easy working in WordPress that we'll be able to cover all this stuff and have plenty of time for questions and discussions:

  • Go over the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • Create a WordPress.com account for hosting a free WordPress site
  • Cover the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress.com to host your site.
  • Cover the advantages and disadvantages of using of hosting your own site with WordPress from WordPress.org
  • Install a fresh copy of WordPress
  • Show how to create Pages
  • Show how to create Posts
  • Cover basic Plugins
  • Install and Switch between Themes
  • How to add images to your Posts and Pages
  • How to embed video from sites like Viddler and YouTube
  • How to turn your WordPress site into a video or audio Podcasting site.

About Shane Robinson

Shane Robinson

Shane Robinson is perhaps best known as "Secret Cameraman" on the award winning, daily Internet video show, Beach Walks with Rox. Shane taught himself to program in B.A.S.I.C. 25 years ago on a Commodore 64 using audio cassette tapes to store software before there were huge floppy drives. He left the University of Iowa with a B.F.A. in Fine Art (major in Ceramics and Sculpture) and owned a production pottery studio, a furniture design and production company, and a Fine Art Gallery just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico before starting the database software development company in 1996 that would eventually become Bare Feet Studios LLC.

Shane and Roxanne moved their internet consultancy to the island of Oahu, Hawaii in 2002. Shane provides all the programming, video editing, software and hardware support, and helps provide new media consulting services for Bare Feet Studios clients throughout the country and the Hawaiian Islands. Shane divides his time between the windward side of Oahu and his loft in Santa Fe, New Mexico and vows to start kite surfing lessons one of these days.

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