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How to Blog Your Career Without Breaking Your Budgets

Bill Sodeman uses WordPress to document and organize his teaching activities, academic writing and social media projects. His techniques are also helpful for graduate students, sole proprietors, small business owners, and anyone who wants to document their professional and academic activities. Entrepreneurs and university faculty are more alike than people think. They both tend to work by themselves on hectic schedules with little or no administrative support. They also have limited budgets of money and time to support their professional goals. Keeping accurate records of professional activities is an important task for faculty who are seeking promotion and tenure, as well as people who are building their own businesses. Blogging provides several advantages over PDAs and calendars, while offering access to local and virtual networks and communities. Building a blog is one way to develop these professional records, and Bill has advice about what kinds of content to include and what to avoid posting. WordPress can also be used as a knowledge base to help publish and archive notes, examples, presentations and other materials.

Here are slides and a PDF from Bill's presentation:



About Bill Sodeman

Bill Sodeman

Bill Sodeman is an associate professor of information systems at Hawaii Pacific University, where he teaches graduate courses on information systems, research and technology strategy. He is a member of TurnItIn.com's advisory board, and is writing with Charles Wankel a book called Creative Uses of LinkedIn in University and Corporate Education for publication in 2009. He has been the chair of HPU's Faculty Assembly and a board member of AITP's Honolulu chapter. Bill has lived in Honolulu since 2002, and his blog is at billso.com.

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