Podcamp Speaker: Christine Lu (with Roxanne Darling)

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Using New Media to Capture Outbound Chinese Tourism

Roxanne Darling will interview Christine to give us a quick overview in keeping in line with leveraging new media to help businesses in Hawaii.

  • Providing an overview of trends in outbound Chinese tourism and why it presents a big opportunity for Hawaii
  • Examples of companies and tourism bureaus already capturing outbound Chinese tourism opportunities
  • How new media, social media can be leveraged to position Hawaii as a destination of choice for Chinese tourism and investment dollars

About Christine Lu

Christine Lu

Christine Lu is a social media addict who grew up on the web (technically, in LA), received her BA in International Relations with a concentration on East Asian Studies at Boston University, then moved to Shanghai in 1998. After an internship at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, a stint as a clothing designer and marketing manager for her parents' clothing retail business in 1999, she started a dot com adventure with bricks-and-mortar China retailer Janet Carmosky. The company was incubated then rolled into TV Shopping Network (TVSN), a joint venture funded by Duty Free Shoppers founder Robert Miller's private equity firm Search Group, Prudential Assets Management Asia and IAC's Home Shopping Network. Following the 2000 dot-com crash in China, Christine served for five years as Marketing Director for TV Shopping Network and oversaw the company's business development and spearheaded the company's internet, direct marketing and mail order strategies in China.

In March 2007 Christine created and served as the Executive Producer and Host of Entrepreneur Magazine's The China Business Show which has since evolved into The China Business Network, a business networking platform which will re-launch in November 2008 to serve the niche community of individuals, companies and organizations worldwide involved in cross border trade and investment in China across 15 key sectors.

Christine was recently named to NowPublic's Most Public Index for Los Angeles identifying her as one of the "20 most influential individuals in Los Angeles" a detailed barometer of whose voices are most heard in the digital landscape as new channels–Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and the like–transform how media is created and spread.

About Roxanne Darling

Roxanne Darling

Roxanne is co-owner of Bare Feet Studios LLC, a tech-savvy social media agency based in Honolulu, Hawai'i. She was named #24 of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Social Media. Roxanne loves to travel, speak, paddle the outrigger canoe, spreading the wonders of Hawaiʻi while trying to give up working really long hours. She walks the line between technology and communication with a ballerina's balance and has a way of inspiring even luddites to try new things online. Please let it be known though, perhaps as a graduate of UC Berkeley, she is not a bystander or interested in the status quo! You can follow Roxanne on Twitter @roxannedarling.

In addition to the Bare Feet Blog, Bare Feet Studios produces these new media projects:
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