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Our PodCamp site has a wiki, which is a set of helpful pages that you can edit! Yes, that's right, you.

A Wiki is a public area where anyone can edit a page or add a new page. It is an example of "crowd-sourcing" where members of the community add their own tips and information. It is our way of collaborating on information as it develops for PodCamp and WordCamp.

Special note: this is a tool to help you identify people that you want to talk with. Please don't forget to register if you are coming!

If you want to speak, please go to the people-speaking page. If you are local and want to post your favorite travel tips or have a special offer for our visitors, please visit the travel-tips page. If you are bringing people from your organization and want to introduce yourself or are seeking to meet certain people, please post that on the organizations-attending page. And so on!

You can edit any page by clicking the "Edit Page" button near the top left corner of each page. You will see the content surrounded by some "code". You can also type in your new content and use the formatting buttons immediately above (only visible when you are editing) to make things bold, to add a link, etc. Just hover over each button to see a tool tip for what that button does. Check the left-hand sidebar for a list of pages, or a way to create new pages. Or just copy the line above where you want to add your information, then edit the newly copied line with your own information.

Want to hang with us after PodCamp is done on Saturday? Perhaps even help with the Beach BBQ? (Oh yeah!) Let us know how you can help. We'd love that!

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