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We Need Your Help!It's September 4th. 46 days away from the first ever PodCamp and WordCamp in the beautiful state of Hawaii. There are many wonderful people, both local and on the Mainland, working long hours each week on PodCamp Hawaii, in addition to their regular jobs and responsibilities to their families. And to them we extend a huge virtual hug and sincere "Mahalo Nui" (thank you deeply).

But now we need YOUR help. Even though none of the volunteers or organizers get paid, or make a dime from all the work and time they donate, we still have to pay for WiFi, food, and the use of the beautiful Hawaii Convention Center (Mahalo Nui also to June for being so wonderful to work with at HCC).

One of our main goals is to really connect with the business community, as we so strongly believe in the business application of New Media and Social Networking tools and their ability to create a deeper relationship with the people your business or agency is trying to reach. More so than traditional media and shotgun campaigns can ever hope to.

Hawaii is searching for new ways to promote tourism, attract visitors, and expand economic development. We have the answer. It's New Media. It's the Social Web. And it's about building close personal relationships between individuals and the companies, products, and services those individuals love using and tell their friends about.

This isn't an event just for Techies or Geeks. Almost every industry and corner of the business world has been touched by the Internet over the past few years. New Media and the Social Web are having an even more profound and personal impact on the way companies compete for attention and service their customers.

It's important that you attend, regardless of your industry. Plus it's FREE! PodCamp Hawaii will provide clear examples, case studies, and demonstrations of how the Social Web and New Media can work for your business and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How you can help:

  • Become a Sponsor: We are expecting 200-300 people for the 2 day event, being held at the beautiful Hawaii Convention Center. Becoming a sponsor, at ANY level, will put your company's name in front of the New Media Creators, people, and organizations living and working at the edge of this next evolution of the Web.
    No sponsorship amount is too small. Sponsor info and downloadable PDFs are here: https://2008.podcamphawaii.com/2008/08/27/sponsorship-packages/
  • If you can't sponsor, do you know someone that can?? Email them a link to this page, let them know you thought they would be a great sponsor, and email us at [email protected] with their contact information and we'll do all the rest!
  • Attend: Plan to attend and make it easy for your staff to attend. The Social Web is affecting your business and industry regardless of if you are aware of it or not. It's better to understand how it works in order to keep your edge on your competition.
    REGISTER FOR FREE!! And invite a friend, or two, or ten! Why not bring your entire office and make it a great Aloha Friday Office Retreat?!?
  • Add information to the Wiki: We have a Wiki that allows anyone to add information. If you have a favorite restaurant, beach, drive, or anything that you think visitors, and even locals, should know about to help make their Hawaii experience better, you can add it to the Wiki.
  • Tell a Friend: Know someone, locally, on the other islands, or even on the Mainland (it's a vacation AND a write off) that could benefit from learning about New Media and how to put it to work in their business? Email them a link to this page!

Please let us know if you have any questions and feel free to leave your comments, ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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