AUDIO: Rox Interview with Burt Lum of Bytemarks Cafe

Posted by on Sep 1, 2008 in Audio, Updates2 comments

Burt Lum, Neenz Faleafine, and I did an off the cuff phone interview recently and Burt generously shared the audio file with us. Give a listen to get a quick overview "all about podcamp." It's not that easy for people to understand what this event is all about! It's about 11 minutes short!


Then on this coming Wednesday, September 3, Podcamp volunteer and Sponsor Todd Cochrane and I wil be live in studio with Burt and Ryan Ozawa on Bytemarks Cafe. You can listen on the radio and usually catch a video stream too. The radio show runs every Wednesday on Hawaii Public Radio from 5-6pm in the afternoon. Please tune in to KIPO - 89.3 FM and catch the latest happenings in the tech world with a distinctively Hawaii-centric perspective or catch it in iTunes.

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