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PodCampHawaii will energize our community for just two days! What will happen after that? Many of us will want to carry on our conversations and learn more.

KnowHowCafe will help with this effort. We are grateful that KnowHowCafe is joining us as an ʻOhana Sponsor.

Based on over a decade of experience with building large Content Management Systems for corporate clients and State agencies around the country, and over 30 years experience in coaching and training around the world, we realized it would be easier to reach more people and businesses by creating KnowHow Cafe. A centralized, members-only, online community where we could provide all our experience in technology, development, training, coaching, and consulting in one place.

The founders of Podcamp Hawaii, Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson, are the people behind KnowHow Cafe. They look forward to moving their attention to the cafe just as soon as Podcamp wraps up!

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