Podcamp Speaker: Rob Halper (with Roxanne Darling)

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A Case Study: Johnson & Johnson Health Channel

The creation of the Johnson & Johnson health channel on YouTube is a non-branded site with the goal of presenting a better understanding of health and health care issues. Roxanne will interview Rob about the creation of J&J's program, from logistics of putting the channel together and populating it with content, to legal and corporate considerations, obstacles and opportunities, and internal resources and budgeting. In this session, they will talk about:

  • when and how J&J decided to build a YouTube channel
  • what were some of the considerations/obstacles/opportunities you encountered?
  • how many people work on this project? What portion if any is outsourced?
  • has it met J&J's expectations? Any surprises?
  • did you encounter internal resistance?
  • any rough numbers on budget that you can share?
  • is your video re-purposed from other uses or are these created specifically for the YouTube channel?

Rob's presentation is available!

About Robert Halper

Rob Halper

Robert Halper is the Director of Video Communications for Johnson & Johnson. Halper worked for about 14 years in various production roles at CBS and WCBS-TV in New York, including directing local news shows, then left for the friendlier and more inviting shores of Corporate Communications at Johnson & Johnson, where he's been for about 13 years. He has several blogs, some related to his job, some more personal. Halper also has his own YouTube channel, featuring the band he plays in - El Kabong!, as well as the J&J health channel. He comes from the faraway country of New Jersey, where he lives with his wife Linda, and two dogs. The Halpers have 2 grown children. Halper is very happy to visit Hawaii for the first time.

About Roxanne Darling

Roxanne Darling

Roxanne is co-owner of Bare Feet Studios LLC, a tech-savvy social media agency based in Honolulu, Hawai'i. She was named #24 of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Social Media. Roxanne loves to travel, speak, paddle the outrigger canoe, spreading the wonders of Hawaiʻi while trying to give up working really long hours. She walks the line between technology and communication with a ballerina's balance and has a way of inspiring even luddites to try new things online. Please let it be known though, perhaps as a graduate of UC Berkeley, she is not a bystander or interested in the status quo! You can follow Roxanne on Twitter @roxannedarling.

In addition to the Bare Feet Blog, Bare Feet Studios produces these new media projects:

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