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The Dynamics of Group Blogging

Rosa Say will begin this session with a case study of Joyful Jubilant Learning (JJL) from her perspective as the site's founder and managing editor. JJL is a group blog dedicated to collaborative online learning; the site was created in 2006 as the web-based forum of the Hoʻohana Community of self-proclaimed lifelong learners in "Web 2.0 and beyond." To date 58 contributors, predominantly business authors and bloggers who are individually successful on the web in their own right, have tackled tertiary community learning on JJL via monthly themes as challenging as digital literacy and citizen publishing, and as joyfully fun as learning in pictures. How do they do it?

Within this presentation, participants can expect to learn:

  • What is involved in the publishing of a group blog? How does an editorial calendar work?
  • Why should you consider being a contributor to a group blog? What are the rewards and benefits?
  • How does being a "group blogger" differ from being a "guest author?" What other expectations are there of group bloggers?
  • How does a group blog's Advisory Board function in compared to the Board of Directors of a business?
  • How does group blogging complement emerging initiatives in social media--and vice versa?

In addition, Rosa will allow ample time for your questions and dialogue.

About Rosa Say

Rosa Say

Rosa Say is a workplace aloha coach determined to reinvent our workplaces value by value, making them more meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling for us all. As founder of Say Leadership Coaching, Rosa is widely known for her work leading the managing with aloha movement in Hawaiʻi and internationally; her book is considered an indispensable reference for managers and emerging leaders, and she their champion. Rosa currently publishes a monthly newsletter for business innovators called Hoʻohana ʻOlelo, and she writes for Managing with Aloha Coaching, an interactive virtual coaching site for all who are students and practitioners of the Managing with Aloha business philosophy globally. She is the managing editor of the popular group blog Joyful Jubilant Learning. You can follow Rosa on Twitter @rosasay.

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