Podcamp Speaker: Chris Noble

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You Care, They Care: How companies use Cause Marketing and Social Media together to help people and win customers

25 years ago, American Express started a new corporate marketing trend--big brands began "giving back" as part of their consumer outreach efforts. Since then, Target, Kraft, Coca-Cola, and virtually every other large company on the planet has launched campaigns to raise money for charitable causes. Brands that show they care win and keep customers better than their competitors. But what if you're not a big brand? How can you make a difference with your business, and as importantly, how can your business benefit? With the advent of web 2.0 and social media, it's easier than ever for companies to engage in this effective marketing strategy. Executed properly these campaigns bring you, your employees, and your customers together to benefit a worthy cause.

About Chris Noble

Chris Noble

Since 2002, Kompolt has designed and executed almost 500 high-profile Cause Marketing campaigns. These campaigns, launched globally on ecommerce sites like eBay and social networks like MySpace and Facebook, have built brand awareness and goodwill for over 200 of the world's best known corporations while raising over $16 Million for charitable causes and non-profits worldwide. By launching campaigns with a broad reach that serve both constituencies, the Kompolt team has attracted millions of viewers and visitors and engaged tens of thousands of consumers in cause-driven transactions.

Chris started with Kompolt in 2006, and helped break new ground for the company in cause-branded social media campaigns with clients like Lenovo, Kraft, Tanqueray, and Dodge, as well as celebrities like Oprah, Jay Leno, and Gwen Stefani.

From a misspent youth running political campaigns to a misspent adulthood in dot-com fervor, Chris has been championing new ideas and forming teams around them for over 15 years. Upon graduating from Cornell University, Chris spent the first few years of his career running political campaigns across the US.

Realizing in that campaign management and product management used essentially the same skill set, Chris transitioned to high tech, working as a product manager for several software companies in the Northeast. In 1997 Chris was tapped to become General manager at an eCommerce start-up know as TechWave, which he helped to take public in 1999 as ShopNow.

Soon after ShopNow's Secondary IPO, Chris started his own consulting practice, working with start-ups in wireless, eCommerce and other emerging technology fields. Chris then worked as CEO of Singlestep Technologies, a networking software company based in Seattle. While at Singlestep, Chris oversaw the release of 2 versions of their award winning software and forged critical strategic partnership with IBM and Mercury Interactive (now HP).

Having led successful teams all the way from startup to IPO, Chris has gained broad experience in creating and launching new businesses, marketing campaigns, and products--including the ability to take existing products and chart new directions, or to start it all from scratch.

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