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Blogging to Build your Community of Clients Online: How Women are Using the Web to Grow their Business, Reach the Right Customers, and Make a Difference

Women entrepreneurs use their natural talents of sharing, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning to increase their business success. When you're a smart and savvy website owner, your customers will choose you over any other provider. Your website is a trusted tool and a hard-working, 24/7 employee to help you, and your blog increases your potential in turning wary web visitors into a beloved community of clients. By identifying and marketing directly to your niche, you have the opportunity to directly inspire that one person out of 100 who will be your best customer or your biggest fan.

Blogging on platforms like WordPress offers an excellent way to fine-tune search results, improve visibility, and increase customer confidence in your niche industry. This presentation will offer ten easy-to-implement steps to improve your blog functionality and increase sales. Bring your website-related questions for one-and-one Q&A before and after the presentation.

Here are the slides from Monica's presentation:

WordPress Plugins

Monica also did a session with Colin Devroe about WordPress Plugins. Monica's slides are below.

About Monica Flores

Monica Flores

Monica S. Flores is an author, advocate, activist, and co-founder of 10K Webdesign, a firm specializing in developing effective, engaging websites. She is committed to empowering, educating, and connecting women. A web developer since 1999, she uses her skills in communication, technology, and education to work directly with her clients to increase their personal and professional success. She blogs at ASuccessfulWoman.com and she is the author of "Fifty-one Ways to Build your Community of Clients Online".

She has always been interested in the World Wide Web as a way to connect people and create communities -- she first met her husband through e-mail while both were working at a web-based educational group, and their first website was their wedding website! She loves the Web and her company creates between 50 - 70 websites per year for clients both in Hawai'i and on the mainland.

Flores is an active social networker, mentor, and consultant to small business, nonprofits, and membership groups. She particularly supports minority women entrepreneurs, green and sustainable businesses, and progressive organizations. Find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or her Wikipedia page.

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