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people-speaking [PodCamp Hawaii Wiki]

Anyone Can Sign Up to Speak!

We are looking for people who want to talk about all aspects of Wordpress and podcasting, from howto create, promote, subscribe to, etc. We also want the full range of perspectives - from hobbyist to educator to enterprise business applications. Please tell your friends and colleagues who may have knowledge or case studies to come share them with us. Let's get Hawaii voices heard side by side with the U.S. and international experts who are also attending.

  • Sessions must be about new media and/or the social web: blogging, podcasting, social media, and applications of the same.
  • All sessions should be as interactive as possible; please allow at least half your time for conversation and demos and please avoid long powerpoints that don't come up for air til the very end.
  • Panels and hands-on demos are good too, and we may be able to help you put these together. Just get your ideas down here and we'll develop this as we go along.
  • All sessions are to be educational not commercial.
  • Event organizers reserve the right to schedule all sessions and some may not be accepted if they do not meet the stated standards, are duplicates, or we think are unsuitable to the event.
  • If you can only speak on one day or the other, please indicate that in your listing.==== How To Submit Your Name and Topic ====

If you want to give a session, please add your name, web site, topic, and location here. Click the Edit button on this page. Copy and paste the last row of speaker info. Edit to add your information. Once you are in Edit mode, you will see additional formatting tips. Click Save when you are pau! (Pau = finished in Hawaiian.)


  1. Sign up for our mailing list so we have a way to contact you.
  2. Register yourself for the event. Remember, it's free!

PodCamp Speakers:

Todd Cochrane; Raw Voice; “Podcast 101, Podcast Gear, Podcast Monetization and Advertising Potential”; Honolulu, HI
Roxanne Darling; Beach Walks with Rox; “How Podcasting Is Growing Hawaii Tourism”; Honolulu, HI
Christine Lu; The China Business Network; “Leveraging Social Media To Capture The Outbound Chinese Tourism Opportunity”; Los Angeles, CA
Chris Noble; Kompolt; “You Care, They Care - Building Your Social Media Audience With Cause Marketing”; San Luis Obispo, CA
Dr. Trey; The Doctor's Office Recording Studio; “Podcasting tips for Musicians & Bands”; Kaneohe, HI
Shane Robinson; Shane on Twitter' “Topic TBA” in PodCamp, and “How-to Basics” in WordCamp track; Kailua, Oahu, HI
Colin Devroe;; Friend me on Viddler; Follow me on Twitter; “Viddler; Built for the Podcaster.”
Rosa Say; Joyful Jubilant Learning; “The Dynamics of Group Blogging”; Waikoloa, HI, and Ho‘ohana Community globally
Congressman Neil Abercrombie;; “TBA”; Washington, D.C. and Honolulu, HI
Robert Halper, Johnson & Johnson Health Channel;; “TBA”; New Jersey
Brian Newman; PRTech, a PacRim Marketing Group Company; “Narrowcasting in Japan and new media in Asia (Japan, Korea, China)” (Podcamp); Honolulu, HI
Arleen Anderson;;; “Who Else Wants a Rush of Traffic to Their BlogPod Site For Free?”; Kanoehe, HI
Rob Farrow;; “TBA”; Honolulu, HI
L.P. Neenz Faleafine – “Alltop: Aggregation without the Aggravation” and there needs to be a topic like “Lost? Let me help you find the way” ; Honolulu, HI
Monica S. Flores;; Moloka'i Webdesign; monicadear on Twitter; “Blogging to Build your Community of Clients Online: How Women are Using the Web to Grow their Business, Reach the Right Customers, and Make a Difference”; and also want to discuss most useful WordPress plugins Moloka'i, HI

WordCamp Speakers:

Matt Mullenweg;; “The State of the Word”; San Francisco, CA
Lorelle VanFossen; Lorelle on WordPress and Woopra; “Woopra: It Just Takes One”; Portland, OR, and the world
Bill Sodeman;; “How to blog Your Career Without Breaking Your Budget”; Honolulu, HI
Shane Robinson; Shane on Twitter' “Topic TBA” in PodCamp, and “How-to Basics” in WordCamp track; Kailua, Oahu, HI
Holly Hagen;; “Standing out from the crowd: You, Your Brand, and Your WordPress Theme”; San Francisco, CA
Nathan Say, Center for Disabilities Studies, UH Manoa; “Radical Inclusion: Blogging to the Masses”; Honolulu, HI
Charlene Amsden;; “Making Things Personal”; Waikiki, HI
Ryan Ozawa;; “Making Personal Connections”; Honolulu, HI
Ian Lind;; “Don’t try this at home: Avoiding wrecks on the bloggers’ highway”; Kaaawa, HI

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