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saturday-beach-bbq [PodCamp Hawaii Wiki]

Beach BBQ at Ala Moana Beach Park

We have in mind a BBQ at the beach after podcamp + wordcamp on Saturday night. Are you interested? If so, we are looking for volunteers!

The beach park is within walking distance of the Hawaii Convention Center, and there are great views of Diamond Head, surfers, and the sunset.

Tentative Time: 6 pm - 9 pm

We have a permit. We have a lead wrangler, Ed Morita @nctrnlbst on Twitter. We have a place to sign up if you can help = this page.

Volunteers to Help Organize, Setup, Serve, and Cleanup

Please add your name along with which of those four tasks you want to help with. Please also add your name to the BBQ Section on our Main Volunteers Page

* Judi C - serving it up!
* Your Name - Task

I'm Coming!

Please add your name if you intend to come. Families are welcome of course! Just put the total number in your party after your name in parentheses along with anything you want to bring. We will supply the main course, beverages, and plates/utensils.

* Roxanne Darling (2)
* Edward Morita
* Sid Savara (3)
* Paul Barton(2)
* Sophie Weeder (2)
* Iman Nasseri (2)
* Ryan Ozawa (5)
* L.P. Neenz Faleafine (4)
* Auntie Pupule (2)
* Charlene Amsden (2)
* Rex & Nancy Lauer (2)
* renee iha (1)
* Don Eads [2]

To Do List

* The following is a tentative list of things we will be needing for the BBQ. All of these things can be gotten from Costco. If anyone would like to help out with any of these things (particularly things like drinks, ice, mac salad, poke, noodles and rice), it will be greatly appreciated. Lets make sure we show our visitors plenty of Aloha Spirit!

 4-5 Fruit Trays - @Ryan 1 Costco Tray
 1-2 cases each – Short Ribs
 1-2 cases each – Chicken Thighs
 2 cases each – Burgers (maybe more we'll know better once we get a better idea of a count)
 3-4 packs of Hot Dogs
 3-4 bags Burger Buns
 4-5 bags hot dog buns
 Salad Mix with Asst. Dressing
 Lettuce, Tomatos, & Condiments
 Paper goods 
 3-4 cases soda and or juice - @Sid 2 Cases
 Charcoal/Lighter Fluid (that is unless we find volunteers with gas grills)
 Mac Salad
 Rice (maybe sushi)
 Dessert - @Ryan 1 Costco Muffin Box
 Misc. snacks like chips, cookies, etc.
 Anything else they may want to contribute

* The following is a tentative list of equipment that we will be needing for the BBQ. If you can help us out by providing any of these things, it will be greatly appreciated!

 2-3 Grills (charcoal and lighter fluid will be provided if needed) - @Pupule: 1 gas grill
 Tables - @Pupule: 1 table
 Coolers w/ ice - @Sid 1 Large, 1 Small
 Canopy Tents - @Pupule: 1 canopy
 Chairs and Mats - @Sid 1 blanket, 2 mats

Thanks to the generosity of my co-worker, Leon Bragas, we now have the use of the following equipment: (We probably won't need them all, but we have them.)

 2 ea. Charcoal Grills
 2 ea. Large Water Coolers
 2 ea. Small Water Coolers
 6 ea. Large Ice Chest Coolers
 12 ea. Chafer Sets: Stand, Full and/or Half Pan Inserts, Lids.  
 10 ea. Cambro Hot Boxes
 6 ea. 6' Tables
 6 ea. 10' Tables
 1 ea. 20' Tent
 As many metal folding chairs that we need.
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