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PodCamp Hawaii - Honolulu Convention Center - October 24-25, 2008T-shirts are one of the challenges of an unconference. They cost a lot. You have to order well in advance. People end up with the wrong size. People don't show even tho you bought them a t-shirt. And it goes on and on.

"But people love their t-shirts!" you say. And we agree.

So we've come up with a perfect solution. Buy your own. That way you can have one even if you are not going to be able to make it live and in person.

We have set up a Spreadshirt Shop. Here's what all you can do there:
* Browse the pre-arranged products we have created.
* Buy one as is or change the color to suit your taste.
* Buy anything in Spreadshirt and use our Podcamp Hawaii designs to get the logo item of your choice.
* Take a picture of yourself wearing the short you bought and upload it to Spreadshirt so we can see you! (And add it to the Flickr group too.)
* You can even get a t-shirt for your doggie.

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