Podcamp Speaker: Chris Heuer

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Introduction to Social Media

Chris will give an introduction to social media based on a completed chapter from his unfinished book, Social Media Champions. During this session, he will discuss "what is social media?", provide a brief overview of what he calls the 4 C's of social media (context, communications, collaboration, connections) and dive into the foundational attitude and perspective that is necessary to be successful. As he will explain, embracing these following social media principles changes everything....

  • Be Human
  • Be Aware
  • Be Honest
  • Be Respectful
  • Be a Participant
  • Be Helpful
  • Be Courageous

About Chris Heuer

Chris Heuer

Chris Heuer is Founder of Social Media Club, Independent Social Media Strategist and Coach. As a serial Internet Entrepreneur, Chris has been involved in starting many companies, including most recently The Conversation Group. Having taught interactive marketing and web design principles at Miami Ad School and serving as the Chief of eBusiness at the U.S. Mint, he has a wide range of experience that is perfectly tailored towards understanding how social media principles are applied creatively, effectively and appropriately.

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