Podcamp on TV: Watch Our Commercial!

Posted by on Oct 7, 2008 in Updates, Video13 comments

As we posted a few days ago, our title Sponsor Road Runner is giving us 300 30-second TV spots. We had a great turnout and shot the commercial in 3 takes. We didn't even really need the 3rd take but I like to be sure we have enough coverage with so many people involved. You get to be the first to see our commercial!

You can now see the commercial that we have posted on Viddler.com. Viddler is also helping to sponsor PodCamp Hawaii and Viddler's own Colin Devroe will be coming to PodCamp Hawaii in a few weeks!!)

Please feel free to embed the video on your website and help us promote the ideas of PodCamps, WordCamps, and Unconferences in general.

UPDATE: I switched this for the final version; we had a fefw edits to make for our sponsor.

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