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vidler logo graphicViddler signed on as a sponsor at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas this past week. They are doing terrific stuff to support online video creators and communities. Thank you for your generous gift!

We look forward to seeing lots of Viddler peeps here in Honolulu for our event.

Tiki's bar and grill WaikikiUpdate: Viddler also stepped up to help us celebrate on Friday night at Tiki's Bar & Grill, underwriting the development of "Podcamp Punch!" Available only through October 31, 2008. Mahalo to Mike Miller who invited the mob of podcampers to take over his amazing high rise patio to watch a beautiful Waikiki sunset.

Colin stood out at this event and not just because of his height! He was everywhere all the time, offering tips, supporting other speakers, updating the web site, taking pictures - you name it. Thanks so much Colin for being such an engaged and supportive sponsor and speaker!

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