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Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many ways to help your company connect with our attendees, as well as the wider audience around the world to whom we will be promoting our event. The organizers are local "thought leaders" in the fields of technology, marketing, and business, several of whom are also well-known throughout the world. The goal of our event is to educate and network with others (including you) about "new media." Read more about PodCamp here.

Download the Sponsorship Plan PDF.
Download the "What is PodCamp?" PDF.
Download the Sponsor Signup Form PDF.

Who's Attending?

  • Advertising and communications professionals
  • Members of the tourism industry
  • Small businesses and their advisors
  • Local government and education
  • Hawaiian music and cultural practitioners
  • Mainstream media
  • The technology crowd, aka geeks.
We expect significant attendance from the Hawaiian Islands and we have very strong interest from speakers and attendees traveling from the mainland US, and abroad.

We are looking for podcast and internet companies who want to reach engaged and targeting audience here in Hawaiʻi as well as local Hawaiʻi companies who want to reach targeted professionals and business owners who are the leaders in their fields.

Here is an overview of our Sponsorship Packages:
Premium Sponsors Fee
Venue Sponsor $5,000 +
Music Sponsor $5,000 +
WiFi Sponsor $7,500 +
Lunch Sponsor (per day) $3,500
Coffee Sponsor $3,000
Friday Entertainment TBD
Saturday Entertainment TBD
Regular Sponsors Fee
Aliʻi Sponsor $2,500 - $4,999
Kamaʻaina Sponsor $1,000 - $2,499
ʻOhana Sponsor $250 - $999
Calabash Sponsor $25 - $249
Your Idea? Let's talk!

Why Become a Podcamp Hawaii Sponsor?

  • The Hawaii Convention Center has earned rave reviews as one of the world's leading convention centers. We can showcase your company to Hawaii's leaders in marketing, technology, tourism, and small business, building on the prestige offered by HCC.
  • We are media makers. We tell stories, show our environment, and with the focus of our conference being about podcasting and social media in Hawai#699;i, it immediately becomes a powerful tourism resource.
  • You will be receiving weeks of almost daily PR, including Twitter messages, Flickr photos, blog posts, and audio and video podcasts across numerous web sites.
  • During the conference, we expect to be live video streaming to potentially thousands around the world, so the actual attendance and impressions will be far more than the 200-300 we are estimating on-site. This live video is recorded and available for repeat play on numerous web sites after the event.
  • We will be hosting a special reception for our Sponsors the night before the conference to connect you with each other and with our guest speakers and high-profile attendees. We want to help you do business.
  • The sooner you sign up, the more return on your investment — due to the extensive marketing we will be doing. Ask us about the "social media" tools we are using.
  • This is not a charity but a unique marketing opportunity to get your company in front of the people who matter, to get exposure worth 2-3 times what you will pay, and to have an opportunity to engage your company in the social web.

Sponsorship Levels

We happily accept any coupons, samples, etc. you may wish to distribute to the attendees. We will be using Twitter and blogging and podcasting to be broadcasting your company and web site from now through the event. And we can custom-fit a package for you too!

All Premium Sponsors receive the following:
  • You will receive numerous on-air mentions, going to audiences in the tens of thousands as well as introduction both days at the event.
  • You may send up to five staff as part of our "Premium Attendee Package"*
  • You will be featured prominently in all signage, emails, and conference programs.
  • We will post a full page ad for you on our web site, good for one year.
  • We will create a 2-minute video advertorial about your company, aired on our site and at the event. You will be able to place it on your web site as well.
  • Naturally, with all of this media being posted across so many sites (some of which are high traffic/page rank sites) you will also be gaining excellent search benefits as well.
  • You will also receive our Aliʻi Benefits.

* Premium Attendee price is $50 per person and includes a free eBook at Registration and a CD of the recorded sessions, plus a Docent assigned to your company to answer questions and introduce your employees to relevant speakers and attendees.

Conference WiFi Sponsor: $5,000 - $7,500
* We will create a branded player with your logo as a watermark on all official videos.

Conference Venue Sponsor: $5000 +
* Your logo will be the featured imprint on our programs.

Conference Music Sponsor: $5,000 +
Podcasters love music! They are continually looking for theme music to use in their episodes, and for new bands to promote on their shows. We envision the following possible ideas:
* Your bands can play in the courtyard throughout the 2-day event. These artists will be able to play their music, meet the media makers, be interviewed, and get extensive coverage in user-generated content.
* We recommend that you create a compilation CD to be handed out to all attendees, and/or digital downloads to be distributed free of charge. By making selected catalog items "pod-safe" (giving them rights-free usage in exchange for a link to your site), you will be getting the best word-of-mouth buzz possible.
* Your bands can attend for free as well and can learn how to make their own blogs and podcasts from the masters.
* Hawaii is all about the mele, and we hope to incorporate as much traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music as possible. We look forward to hearing your ideas too.

Friday Evening Entertainment Sponsor: Fee to be determined
Bloggers and podcasters tend to be highly energetic and always looking for a new story and some fun. Unlike at many other conferences, they want to continue their networking well into the night! Of course they will be live-blogging, Twittering, and live-streaming from your party. You can get the most of out of this sponsorship by having your staff available for interviews and by handing out some type of swag with the name of your business and your web site address. We want to make it super simple for people to talk about you!

Saturday Evening Luau at Ala Moana Beach Park: Fee to be determined
What is a trip to Hawaii without some #699;ono local food and entertainment? Help us plan a one-of-a-kind event that will get considerable new and traditional media coverage. And remember the online media coverage can play on many times, "forever."

Friday & Saturday Lunch Sponsor: $3,500 per day
* Your company logo and web site to be printed on meal tickets for each attendee

Friday & Saturday Coffee Sponsor: $3,000 covering both days
* Prominent signage on the serving table plus other Premium benefits

Aliʻi Sponsors: $2,500 - $4,999
Aliʻi is the Hawaiian word for royalty. Here is how we plan to honor you for your gracious support:
* Advertorial blog post on our web site
* All additional benefits below

Kamaʻaina Sponsors: $1000 - $2499
Kamaʻaina is the Hawaiian word for "local" - kama is a person and ʻaina is the land. Be a local and lend your support local style; we can offer you the following appreciation:
* Featured page on our web site
* One 6' table for the two-day event (very basic set-up; it's an unconference!)
* Your name and text link in all emailings after you have signed up
* Frequent mentions on our official PodCamp Hawaii podcasts and blog posts

ʻOhana Sponsors: $250 - $999
ʻOhana is the Hawaiian word for family. Here family takes in a wide circle! All of the aunties and uncles and hanai kids are included. If you don't have the big bucks. no problem!
* Logo on all printed and digital materials we create for conference distribution
* A logo and link on our site to yours

Calabash Cousins: $25 - $249
Calabash cousins are extended family members who have grown up eating at the same dinner table.
* Name on final printed program
* A link on our site to yours

Remember, we will be actively promoting all of our sponsors via social media and traditional media from now until the event. The sooner you sign up, the more return on your investment! We want people to be standing in line to give you hugs by the time Podcamp Hawaii starts!

Do you want to be part of this event?

We have sponsorship opportunities ranging from $25 to $5,000.
Please contact us to see how you can benefit from PodCamp Hawaii.
[email protected] or Roxanne Darling 808-384-5554

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