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Our First Aliʻi Sponsor: Blubrry
We extend special mahalos to Todd Cochrane, one of Hawaii's own podcast experts who has arranged this contribution. Todd authored the very first book on Podcasting, and has built one of the most successful podcast-based businesses in existence today. Please read on for a few excerpts from the Blubrry web site to learn more about their services. is a podcast community and directory that enables media creators the power to make money, attain detailed audience measurement and host their audio and video. Whether you are a Podcaster, Advertiser or Media Consumer, Blubrry is your Podcast Interface.

The Blubrry community offers podcasters a chance to earn money from their podcasts via advertisting deals. If you've worked hard to build your audience then you just might qualify for participation in one of our ad deals. It all starts with the Advertising Survey contained in the profile for your podcast. You can't have a chance to participate in ad deals until you've completed the survey for your podcast.

Blubrry gives advertisers the ability to access new markets via hundreds of available content channels that reach a worldwide audience of nearly all demographics. The Blubrry community has a strong track record in managing advertising deals for organizations seeking to leverage the power of podcasting. A constant flow of new content means extremely dynamic opportunities to reach powerful new markets the world over. Our integrated podcast advertising surveys allow us to quickly identify and present the shows that will meet your advertising needs. You get the flexibility to select only the podcast shows that fit your needs for the campaign that is being conducted.

Please check out his family of companies:
Podcast Connect
Geek News Central

Here's a brief video of Todd, describing the Podcast Awards he runs at Podcast

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