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mdialog logoInternet video is one of the hottest things on the internet the past few years, and with the increases in bandwidth, it is only getting better!

Services like mDialog now make it very easy to upload, manage, and watch high quality large format video that can also be distributed to mobile devices and delivered via the iTunes Music Store.

We are thrilled to have this innovative company as a PodCamp Hawai'i sponsor.

mDialog gives you the power to cost effectively share the highest quality video of any size or length on the Internet. You control if you want to broadcast it to everyone or you can use our Narrowcast feature to only share with those that you allow. Now you can share your sensitive corporate content or your own video library with only people you want to.

Our innovative mLoader software empowers you to easily encode, describe and upload h.264 high-resolution right from your desktop. The video is instantly optimized for the web as well as the iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. Best of all, mLoader does the work client-side so your content goes live as soon as it is finished. No waiting!

Uploading video to mDialog is as easy as 1-2-3. Using our innovative mLoader software, you can add h.264 high-resolution video from your desktop, use the scrubber to create a thumbnail for the video, and upload it straight to your library or a channel of your choice.

iPhone users: get your player in the App Store.

Watch the iPhone Preview that was also reviewed on Tech Crunch: (May take a moment to load.)

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