Wordcamp Speaker: Charlene Amsden

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Making Things Personal

I will talk about several points in making blogs personal, and encouraging visitor interaction with my site.

  1. A comment is not a bunch of words in a little box. It is a direct connection to another person. Treat it as such. (Respect.)
  2. Expose yourself! Share your hopes dreams, wishes, values, etc. Be genuine.
  3. Reciprocate -- different types of responses and choosing what works best for you.
  4. Mascot Blogging -- creating an icon that personifies your business and/or your values.

About Charlene Amsden

Charlene Amsden

Charlene Amsden is a 49 year-old school teacher temporarily working in a finance office as a data processor and file clerk. She began blogging in 2005 when a knee injury grounded her for 6 weeks. She was looking for a way to preserve her sanity and save her soul from the dark abyss of daytime TV. What she found was a community that spans oceans, continents and ages. She forged real and lasting friendships and met the man of her dreams while sitting behind her desk with her foot on a bookshelf and a bag of frozen peas on her knee.

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  1. Charlene, You are the most awesome person. You will be world famous soon, as for now you are famous with friends and family. I speak for everyone we all love you... Your Cousin Linda
  2. We might disagree about the glory of self-exposure but you are the master. Does a person have to be in Hawai'i to hear the talk or will it be podcast?
  3. @Doug - No you don't! We will be live-streaming as much as we can. Please follow us on Twitter so you can get all updates: @podcamphawaii
  4. Quilly, well done. The most simplest things in life are the hardest. Honesty and respect are hard to come by, I know you deserve both. :)
  5. Charlene, Once more you shine brighter than the rest!! I am so very proud of you. Throughout your life you have excelled at what ever you took up, blogging being just one of the many things. I love you, Caryl
  6. [...] There is also PodCamp.  And if you want to know more about Ella and me at WordCamp, click here:  Ella & Me.  I understand that our presentations will be available on Podcast. Elephants CAN [...]
  7. Quilly, you and Ella are gonna knock 'em dead!!! What a TEAM!!! Who'da thought she'd visit YOU first, and you'd make her a STAR! Miss Piggy... eat your heart out!!!
  8. [...] Charlene Amsden [...]
  9. Quilly, I love your blog, and totally enjoy being one of your internet/blog friends. One day I will have to find a way to get to Hawaii and meet you in person. I know we'd be the best of friends. Now that you've spoiled Ella Phlint and helped her find her way to stardom, how can anyone else have her as a guest in their home? We just could never live up to all you two have done together. Oh ya, how did you meet OC through blogging?? I want one too!! haha.