Podcamp Speaker: Arleen Anderson

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Who Else Wants a Rush of Traffic to Their Blog/Pod Site For Free?

Arleen Anderson will share specific proven methods and techniques that drive traffic to your blog and/or podcast pages which do not require spending money.

You have or wish to create a public presence on the web for the purpose of being seen. You have a particular demographic you wish to attract for a specific purpose.

How do you get them there without draining your bank account? At this session you will discover that it's not difficult.

Driving traffic to your site can be simple, easy, quick, free, and fun!

If you sell a product or service, these methods increase profits.

If you have an organization, cause, or club you want to build awareness for, you will learn how to capture and grow your audience.

If you blog or podcast just for fun, you'll discover how to round up fans and build a massive following.

Be ready to share what the objective of your site is! We'll go through as many specific applications for people's site as we can in the time we have!

About Arleen Anderson

Arleen Anderson

Arleen Anderson is with Market With Excellence, a web based company serving businesses, organizations, and individuals creating and implementing online marketing campaigns that get results.

Arleen has consulted, designed, and implemented online marketing projects since 1999 for industries from Aviation Publishing to Sports Celebrities. Prior to her dedication to online marketing, Arleen was in telecommunications for 20 yrs. with her own Silicon Valley based company serving over 6,800 Greater Bay Area businesses for 14 yrs.

Arleen Anderson can be reached at: (808)343-3290
Email: Arleen@MarketWithExcellence.com
Twitter: @AlohaArleen

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  1. Arleen is awesome... i have worked with her on two projects now and have appreciated her knowledge and professionalism. She really knows her stuff.. Go Get em Arleen!! Scott
  2. Scott, Mahalo for your kinds words! It's my mission to serve, assist, and produce results. Aloha, Arleen http://www.twitter.com/AlohaArleen
  3. Arleen's professionalism, integrity and genuine passion for helping others to succeed in their online businesses is why she is rated as one of the world's best in what she does. You won't want to miss her speaking session as you will walk away with a treasure trove of strategies for driving traffic to your website from the methods she teaches... Arleen will be your 'secret weapon' for traffic generation using the latest high tech methods available online! Clayton Pearson
  4. Arleen is someone you can trust to "pull" you up the side of the proverbial cliff. Arleen has much talent to pull from, because she has been involved with many businesses and life experiences over the years. Definitely do what you can to make her session. You won't be disappointed! Bring a big cup of coffee with you, so you can keep up with her wonderful energy level. :) You go girl! Mark D. Newitt