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Thank you to everyone for all of your patience. I know this has been a long time coming. Normal conferences do the schedule and book the speakers very early on; we do the infrastructure building and relationship-building first, and spread the word to anyone who wants to speak.

You can view the spreadsheet online here. And it is still subject to change up until each session starts. Please bookmark this page if you like; we will have printed copies at the event.

iPhone Users: You can use the special URL: on your iPhone for a schedule especially formatted for displaying on your iPhone. And be sure to "Add to Home Screen" by clicking the "+" icon in iPhone Safari to add a PodCamp+WordCamp Hawaii button right on your iPhone for easy access during the event.

Let me explain a little bit about how we are planning this.

hcc map We have a far wing of the Hawaii Convention Center, including a theatre that seats over 400, a courtyard, and 4 breakout rooms. One of the breakout rooms is being reserved as a lounge - you can work on your laptop, hold impromptu sessions and interviews, take a few minutes to jot down some of the ideas you are getting, shoot the breeze, nap, whatevah!

It's one of the hard-to-explain aspects of a podcamp or wordcamp: the sessions are awesome, lively, dynamic, and interactive, and yet some of your most valuable experiences might be random connections "in the hallways."

Our rooms are centered around the courtyard - even the lua is right across the hall. Once you get there, you can make yourself at home.

Pedestrians can enter under the large beautiful glass pyramids that face Atkinson Dr as it merges into Kapiolani Blvd.

Drivers should turn onto Kalakaua Ave and the entrance to the parking garage will be immediately on your right. Parking is $5 per day. From the garage, take the escalators and follow our signs.
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  4. Hello to Roxanne. I think I have the correct person–were you the person video taping the session for musicians? I’d like to learn more about the topic and appreciated your input regarding musicians making use of new technologies. It was only the tip of the iceberg, and unfortunately the panelists did not seem to be as articulate about the topic as you seem to be. Is it possible to hear more about your experience, ideas, feedback related to the new models for the music industry being developed through social media? Or, can you direct me to a source where I can learn more about this? Thank you--Anne (Don't know where else to post this as I can't find a contact list for speakers, etc.)
  5. This is the best version 1.0 event I have ever been to. Every session started and ended according to the schedule. The venue at the Hawaii Convention Center is first class. The A/V, projectors/screens, etc make this feel like a big conference that has been going on for many years. Thanks to everyone that made this happen.
  6. @Anne - I answered you on the other page where you commented; in short please call! I'd like to talk more. 384-5554. @Evan - Thanks for all your support and positive feedback. I guess I would call this a 2.0 event though, given all the live-blogging, tweeting, flickr'ing and live video streaming we were doing - including taking questions from viewers around the world in real time! The facilities and services were indeed 1st class and I will pass on your comments to the HCC, PDC, and Projection.