Podcamp on TV: Watch Our Commercial!

Posted by on Oct 7, 2008 in Updates, Video13 comments

As we posted a few days ago, our title Sponsor Road Runner is giving us 300 30-second TV spots. We had a great turnout and shot the commercial in 3 takes. We didn't even really need the 3rd take but I like to be sure we have enough coverage with so many people involved. You get to be the first to see our commercial!

You can now see the commercial that we have posted on Viddler.com. Viddler is also helping to sponsor PodCamp Hawaii and Viddler's own Colin Devroe will be coming to PodCamp Hawaii in a few weeks!!)

Please feel free to embed the video on your website and help us promote the ideas of PodCamps, WordCamps, and Unconferences in general.

UPDATE: I switched this for the final version; we had a fefw edits to make for our sponsor.

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  1. I can't wait to show my mom!
  2. Huge mahalo to you guys as well as to Roadrunner and Viddler for their sponsorship! It is gonna be a blast! I can't wait! Already have a list of questions I can't wait to get answered and looking forward to pau hana as well!
  3. Fantastic! I can hear Jayden :) Let's make this happen!
  4. I am still pinching myself at all that we have pulled together in such a short time. Lucky we live Hawaii!
  5. you and Shane were made for this sort of thing...watching and listening to you, you can tell you are in your element....congratulations to you and all your volunteers,what a great spot and commercial with live music to beat....too bad Tim Horton's isn't in Hawaii...it would look good on that sponsor board
  6. Much Mahalo to Roxanne, Shane, ALL the priceless volunteers, and the amazing sponsors. This event shows the true Aloha Spirit extended throughout our community and the globe!
  7. [...] state of the art convention center located in beautiful Honolulu. We all got together to shoot the 30 second commercial, which title sponsor Road Runner has agreed to air 300 times on local cable stations. YES 300 [...]
  8. Wow. What a fantastic Event you are planning, or, more correctly, what fantastic event planning you are doing! I'm very happy to follow @roxannedarling on Twitter Thanks so much! I'll be virtually attending your Podcamp, from Canada. ;-) Is registration required? Doug
  9. @Douglas - Thanks for your comment! No need to register for remote viewing. :-) You did get me thinking though about how we might track our visitors from afar. Please also follow @podcamphawaii on Twitter - our official user account!
  10. This is going to be too much fun. I can't wait for the experience, and then will be so sad when it is over. This is a great collection of the best minds in social media and networking - going to rock! Thanks so much for all the hard work!
  11. Rox you had best print off a pile new Beachwalks with Rox postcards as the exposure you are going to get with 300 TV spots will make you and Beachwalks as famous as Don Ho....what a great opportunity
  12. I love the commercial! So happy for you guys. Best wishes to Podcamp Hawaii! <3 Daynah
  13. It's right around the corner!! I will be there the 21st-27th, so I can try to get a little tan on my super Seattle Haole legs.