Planning the Podcamp #1

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Today 11 of us volunteers met up for lunch at Aloha Tower. It was pretty eventful: we're trying to plan a world-class event in half the physician-recommended time, so we have to be twice as awesome.

There was a lot of discussion about the Convention Center, and various related affairs: food, projectors, wireless access. Todd Cochrane mentioned that every Podcamp he's been at manages to bring down the connection -- take that as a challenge if you like ­čśë but we're trying to get two t1s.

We also spent some time on sponsorship issues. We have some great initial feedback from potential sponsors and various parties working on our behalf: from Hawai'i's government to mainland corporations, it looks like people are starting to recognize that a convention center full of media makers might be a, uh, good thing to be involved in. For those organziations that haven't figured out what this new media hoopla is, Rox brought a great set of docs that put it in old, familiar terms like ROI. If you know an organization that wants to help out, drop us a line! [email protected]

There are some exciting miscallaneous developments, too! We've got people reaching out to local musicians and record labels, and we expect some fantastic musical toppings for our podcamp salad. We want to give out cds of podsafe music from the podcamp performers, which is the coolest bit of conference schwag I've heard of. We've also got some other ideas under our collective hats -- stay tuned!

In attendance, clockwise from an arbitrary point in the circle: Susan Jaworowski, Bob Lew, Shane Robinson, Shawn Drost (that's me! hi mom!), Roxanne Darling, Noe, Neenz Faleafine, Kyle Nishioka, Todd Cochrane, Eugene Villaluz, Angela Keen. Thanks all!

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